Why "True North"?

Imagine a compass. Which direction does it point? North? The answer may not be what you think.

There are two types of ways to define north: geographic north and magnetic north. The two locations are completely different directions.

Which direction are you taking your dental practice? 

True North Continuing Education can help you realign your practice goals & philosophy to help grow your practice and take it in the exact direction you desire. 



   True North Continuing
Education for General Dentists

True North Continuing Education was created for general dentists across the U.S. to help them the ability to take control of the direction their dental practice is heading. Our courses focus on CBCT technology to allow better diagnosis, better dentistry. Course topics include implant dentistry, sleep dentistry and ergonomic dentistry.

The life goals of dentists may differ (passive income, maximum income, quality of life, schedule flexibility, etc.), but we all seeking a similar ultimate destination: satisfaction. Our courses  equip and train general dentists to take control of their practice by taking it to the next level with implants, sleep apnea treatment and digital dentistry utilizing CBCT technology.



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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Take your first step by registering for a True North Continuing Education course and take control of the direction your practice is heading.